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9th Annual

Pre-Spring Training Camp

Kissimmee, Florida

February 13th - 19th

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Fall-Winter Hitting in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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The Most Comprehensive College Selection System in the Country

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Rob Crews Guest Speaker Columbia Softball

On Friday, October 17, Rob Crews will be the guest speaker at… Read More

Rob Crews Guest Instructor Fordham Prospect Camp

On Columbus Day Rob Crews will be the guest hitting coach at the… Read More

NJ Winter Hitting Now Posted

Dates, times, loacation are now posted for Winter Hitting in New… Read More

Rob Crews & SPORTS195 Launch Softball News Site

Follow Diamond Hype DiamondHype Softball The Hype is Real. In… Read More


Inside Out: the blog

28 Sep

Understanding the Cognitive Process in Hitting by Rob Crews

Developing a better understanding of the actual process involved in hitting is crucial to self-improvement as a hitter or hitting coach. If the sequence below is true, then recognition is king among focus topics in training for hitting and most sport...

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11 Apr

The Perfect Collision

"The visual process involved in the recognition phase is really about what information your physical eyes are able to match with what the memory or the mind’s eye can replay. The hitters who do this well can hit better than everyone else." "Understan...

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02 Oct

The Anatomy of a Power Hitter by Rob Crews

The Anatomy of a Power Hitter by Rob Crews      Here are 3 reasons why just about everyone in softball should/could be a power hitter:   The BATS are ridiculously juiced up. The FENCES are unbelievably short. T...

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23 Aug


So last night I tossed and turned in a futile attempt to goto sleep. I never struggle with sleep, but last night was crazy and here is what caused it! I did something I never do and that is creep around on the internet and look at what other people a...

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06 May

Diversity in Hitting by Rob Crews

  Honestly, it is so much deeper than hitting mechanics. I have never been stuck on swings. I don't argue about mechanics. If someone is teaching something crazy and it works, God bless them. The world needs more innovation anyway. Every hitter...

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Player Development

Lord of the Swings


I am realizing that hitting is mostly taught to players 14 and under. Then after that hitting is mostly LEARNED by playing. It is then more than 75% mental, emotional, and visual. I feel as though I h...

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Instructional Model


The Complete Game Instructional Model is a combination of research in modern Sports and Neuro Psych, perfecting visual strategies for efficiency in recognition and anticipation, practical applicatio...

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Vision Training


The OptoGaze™ Formula  ...a hitter's ability to visually-mentally record a pitcher's delivery and synchronize the replay with his own timing system. And because every pitcher's delivery i...

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